JT Global Fixed Public IP M2M SIMs


Global M2M SIMs with Fixed Public IP Address and real-time monitoring

JT M2M enables GPRS SIM cards to be assigned a unique fixed IP address to the JT M2M SIM cards. The Public IP address will remain the same, attached to a specific SIM card for as long as that SIM is active.

Now you use fixed public IP address SIMs and maintain the security of M2M and IoT devices by using secure Custom Private APN which is used along with your device firewall protection.

Having your own Custom Private APN offers a level of security that effectively safeguards users against fraudulent misuse.

Fixed Public IP Data SIM Applications

Secure remote management, monitoring, diagnostics, control of remote systems, 3G Failover Internet connections, SMTP mail server, Site-to-site 3G connections, Access to IP CCTV cameras, Retail POS systems and machine to machine (M2M) applications.

Global Single Configuration

Having a JT M2M Custom Private APN means devices require a single configuration for use around the world. This removes the need for local contracts and the challenge of maintaining devices on multiple networks.

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