Internet of Things Enables Smart Green Cities


Why cities need to be Smart and Green?

Cities consume around 70% of global energy and with approximately 60% of the global population is projected to be housed in cities by 2030, there is a real need to focus on how to make cities green.

Better management of energy supply and demand of resources to meet utility and city goals is now needed. City councils are starting smart city initiatives to enhance performance and well-being,  reduce costs and consumption resource, and engage more effectively and actively with its citizens.

How Internet of Things is enabling Smart Green Cities

The Internet of Things (IoT) is making it possible to make cities greener, safer and more efficient. By connecting devices, vehicles and infrastructure everywhere in a city, help reduce energy and water consumption, keep people moving efficiently, and improve safety and quality of life.

Smart Green Cities use the integration of:

• M2M Smart street lighting
• M2M Smart grid technology
• M2M Energy efficiency
• M2M Distributed generation
• M2M Solar PV/thermal
• M2M Smart appliances
• M2M Home area networks/displays
• M2M Electric vehicles/charging
• M2M Micro-grids

Cellular connected IoT applications are proving to reliable, simple and quick deployment, which means smart cities can now become smart green cities. 

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What we offer

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Benefits of the JT M2M SIM Management Platform
JT SIM Network Management platform provides real time data with deep network control and visibility, helping to remove significant cost and accessibility barriers, enabling deployment of connected M2M and IoT devices across any Smart City around the world.

To find out how to get connected please contact us to discuss the unique requirements of your business, so that we can develop your Smart City solution.  

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